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Top 10 Time Tracking Apps of 2020

Improve your productivity with these apps!

If you are a freelancer or working in a digital agency or other modern companies, time trackers can help you be more productive.

You might be working on multiple project at the same time and need to report your client.

In this case you’d like to know how much time you spent on a project and each task.

Or perhaps you run a small digital agency and you charge per hour.

You would like to see what you team members are doing and how much time they spent on each client so you know how much to charge them.

Or you just want to know how profitable each team member is.

Time tracking apps can help you do all of the above and more.

Now, there are couple of things you need to consider before choosing the right one:

  • your budget – pricing can get from $0 to couple of hundred dollars for a team of 20 members. If you are just starting I suggest choosing the free versions of time trackers.
  • user experience – time tracking apps should save your time and not give you extra job looking how smething works. Look for apps which are easy to use.
  • size of your company – tracking time is something completely different if you are a freelancer or medium-sized company with teams.
  • reviews – read what other users similar to you are saying about the app. This might help you choosiing the right one.
  • features – consider which features you’d like to have in app. If you just want to track how much time you use for each task, this is going to be easy. But some of you might need detailed reports, option to export them etc.
  • integration – if you are running digital agency or similar business as I do, you would want your time tracking app to be available for integration with you project management tool, email service provider or other tools you are using.

Top 15 time tracking apps

  • Toggl is the best for freelancers and small teams
  • Clockify is the cheapest time tracker
  • Hubstaff is the best for remote companies for monitoring employees
  • Timely will work great if you like calender view of your work
  • Harvest offers expencs tracking and invoicing
  • Timecamp is best for small businesses that need time tracking and invocing
  • Paymo offers task management with time tracking
  • RescueTime will be perfect fit for individuals
  • Desktime offers app tracking and break time reminder
  • EverHour will able you to manage team availability
  • Workpuls is best for automatic time mappping
  • TSheets is best for mid-size businesses that need attendance system
  • Time Doctor works best for small businesses just for tracking
  • Tracking Time is best for begginers looking for simple time tracker
  • TICK is a perfect match for agencies looking for time tracker and invocing

1. Toggl

Top 15 Time Tracking Apps - Toggl - Timer page

If you’re a beginner and you can’t manually track your team anymore but you’re also limited with budget, you chould use Toggl.

Their free plan is enough for you to strat tracking time of you and your team and use their apps (Android, iOS, Linuc, MacOS, Windows, Web apps and browser extension).

It also includes all necessary functionalities for a beginner like you.

As a free member you won’t be able to collaborate with other team members, but you will be able to generate simple reports.

So in general, if you are just using for a free and simple app to track you tasks, Toggl is the one for you.

One reason Toggl is so simple is the fact that you don’t need to enter client, project and other details some of tracking apps might ask you to.

You can start tracking your task right away and enter details later.

Having Toggl browser extension installde will give you option to track every and each app yoou can imagine. Gmail, Google Docs, WordPress, etc.

For those of you who are likaly to forget that time tracker is running, Toggl offers you an option to set a time of day when Toggl should automaticaly stop recording time.

One feature that can also come in handy is idle option. When Toggl detects your computer has been idle but the timer is still on, it corrects the recorded task when computer has been idle.

For example, if you get a 30-minute phone call right in the middle of the task you are recording, Toggl will automatically delete those 30-minutes our of your tracking.

Toggl is a great option for those of you looking for free time tracking app that’s easy to use and offers numerous features.


Free for basic plan.

From $10 per user per month for paid plans.

Try Toggl for free.

2. Clockify

op 10 Time Tracking Apps - Clockify

Clockify is my favourite one.

Our whole team at beglobal agency uses it.

Not just because it’s free for unlimited users, but it’s also super easy to use and you can generate reports in literaly seconds.

It’s also the most reviewes tracking time app out there, right after the TSheets, with an average review of 4.7.

With Clockify, tracking your time is really easy.

You just write the task you are currently working on, then you can add it to project and client (or you can do that later) and hit start button.

You can also set hour rate for each team member, so this way you know how many you expences your team made on a project and how much renevue you made on the same project.

It can happen that you forget to track some of the task, but that’s not a problem, yu can enter them manually later.

You have overview of all tracked tasks and time for each day under Time Tracker section.

You can also plan and predefine all of you tack if you like to plan all of your day or week ahead.

If you work on similar or same tasks each day, you can create templates that will able you to quickly load activities each week.

Dashboard gives you an overview of total time tracked, project you spent most time on, client you spent most time on, most tracked activities and week overview.

Free plan also enables you to generate reposrts by team members, project, client or certain team.

Paid plans offer you branded reports, locking timesheets (this way, users can’t edit past time once it’s entered), you can set alerts when project reached estimated time (great for digital agencies) and much more features

Clockify is easy to integrate with most of the project management and productivity tools, such as Gmail, Google Docs, Hubspot, Trello, Google Calendar, Asana, Jira, Todoist, Basecamp, Wrike, Monday, ClickUp, Evernote and others.

There are also Chrome and Mozzila browser extensions available to make sure you can access time tracking app quicker and easier.


Free for basic plan (unlimited users).

From $9.99 per user per month for paid plans.

Try Clockify for free.

3. Hubstaff

Top 10 Time Tracking Apps - HubStaff


Free for basic plan.

From $7 per user per month for paid plans.

Try Hubstaff for free.

4. Timely

Top 10 Time Tracking Apps - HubStaff


Free trial, then from $5 per month for individuals and from $39 per month for teams.

Try Timely for free.

5. Harvest

Top 10 Time Tracking Apps - Harvest


Free for basic plan.

From $12 per user per month for paid plans.

Try Harvest for free.

6. Timecamp

Top 10 Time Tracking Apps - Timecamp


Free for basic plan.

From $5.25 per user per month for paid plans.

Try Timecamp for free.

7.  Paymo

Top 10 Time Tracking Apps - Paymo


Free trial, then from $8.95 per user per month for paid plans.

Try Paymo for free.

8. RescueTime

Top 10 Time Tracking Apps - Rescuetime


Free for basic plan.

From $9 per user per month or $72 per user per year for paid plans.

Try RescueTime for free.

9. Desktime

Top 10 Time Tracking Apps - Desktime


Free for basic plan.

From $7 per user per month for paid plans.

Try Desktime for free.

10. Everhour

Top 10 Time Tracking Apps - Everhour


Free for basic plan.

From $7 per user per month for paid plans.

Try Everhour for free.


There is no doubt time tracking app will help you get more organized and save some time with reporting to your clients.

There are numerous apps out there and I am sure you will find one that suits your needs.

If none of the above is right for you, here are some additional apps you might be interested:

Happy time tracking!

Written by Aljaz Peklaj