Only 3 percent of people you target online are currently buying
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Only 3% of the people you target are in buy mode

Why target the rest 97%?

Whenever I Google for something, I see the same mistake most of the companies do all over again.

They believe all of their target audience are in buy mode and they show the same add trying to sell something to all users.

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But the truth is only 3% of users you targer are currently in »buying mode.«

Many of you would ask: if only 3% of people are buying, why would I target the rest of the 97%?

All of companies target those 3% because is the easiest. But none of them thinks of the rest. But I tell you, if you think out of the box and with couple of simple steps, you can find your sales formula and reach the majority of the market.

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17% of users are currently in the »infofmation gathering phase.« This means they are aware of their problem and are looking for solution but nt yet for the provider of this solution.

We would often call the first group »hot« prospects and the second one »warm« prospects as they are closer to their decision and it’s easier to sell to them.

Now of to the »cold« prospects.

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20% of the users are aware of their problem but are not looking for a solution or even the provider of the solution.

And now to the biggest group. 60% of the market are not aware of their problem. Just imagine. If the market you target has 100,000 users, 50,000 of them are not aware of their problem. But you are targeting only 3,000 who are currently buyin with your sales ad.

This means your company can divide your target audience into at least 4 groups. Each group is in the different phase of the buying process and we need to adapt the content to them.

Now let’s get to work. Let’s say we own an online store selling weith loss products.

We would definitely show sales ad with percentage off the original price to those 3% who are currently buying, there’s no doubt about that. That’s simple.

To those 17% who are gathering information, we would prepare free guide which will answer on their questions in their current phase – for example 10 foods you must not eat.

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To those problems who are aware of their problems but are not actively looking for a solutin, we’ll prepare an article featuring a client of ours who lost 20 pound in month and show what the client did and eat to lose so many pounds. Remember, client reviews are the most powerful tools you can use in marketing.

To the rest of 60% of users who are »cold« and not aware of their problems we’ll prepare an informal article and ad with a simple ad »Why Being Overweigh Is A Huge Health Problem«. See what we did there. We exposed a problem they weren’t aware of. And when they will read this article, they will read an article with a client of ours and then we’ll invite them too download a free guide with 10 example of foods they must not eat. When they reach this point of our funnel, they will be in their buying mode and begging us to sell them our product.

Written by Aljaz Peklaj


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