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Best Instagram Tools For Business

Grow Your Instagram Followers and Reach

#1 question all clients ask me is how to grow on Instagram organically.

Without bots, ads and all that stuff.

Most of them are sure that this is not possible anymore due to Instagram being over saturated with content.

But guess what. It is.

Using the right strategy and tools can help you grow your Instagram community.

Instagram changes its algorithm every once in a while so you need to keep testing what it works and what not.

In this blog I’m going to share some of Instagram tools that will help you grow your business on Instagram and save you some time.


Best Instagram Tools For Business_Flick Instagram hashtag tool

For newbies on Instagram, hashtags are the number one tools for reaching new audiences and growing your community.

Using the right hashtag strategy can insanely increase your reach and help you gain new followers.

Of course there are many ways of finding the right hashtags for your profile and posts.

I recently found this tool called Flick.

In general, I’m not a fan of tools that provides you with a group of 30 hashtags.

So far none of these tools gave me relevant hashtags.

That’s why I prefer to do it manually, searching through Instagram for relevant hashtags.

But Flick is something else.

I just put in a hashtags that is most relevant to my post I want to publish.

For example, let’s say I launched an Instagram profile that’s all about yoga.

Of course I want to each people interested in yoga.

But using #yoga won’t help me reach more people because there are some many posts under this hashtag with more followers and likes per post than I have.

That’s why we need to find more relevant hashtags with less posts and less likes per post.

And this is where Flick can help you a lot.

Once I put #yoga in a search bar, this Instagram tool will find all the relevant hashtags.

The best thing about it is that Flick also shows me:

  • how big the competiton is for this hashtag
  • what is the potencial reach with using this hashtag
  • how many posts are posted with this hashtag on a daily basis
  • average likes that posts with this hashtag get
  • how many posts are published on Instagram with this hashtag in total and
  • average number of comments on posts with this hashtag.

If I find one hashtag relevant, I just click on it and Flick will put it into selection on the right sidebar.

There it shows if the hashtag is in the group with low, medium or high competition.

Once I find the right 30 hashtags for my latest post, I can easily add it to collection if I want them to use next time and copy all of them and put them under my post.

Flick offers much more options and add-ons so it’s best if you try it on your on.

It’s free for 7 days and then you can choose between different packages, starting from $6.15 per month. Click here for a free trial and 10% off.


Best Instagram Tools For Business_Canva design tool

If you’re publishing only photos, you’re good to go.

But what if you want to publish a beautifully designed infographic, a photo collage or anything more advanced?

Well, couple of years ago, you’d need to hire a designer for each post that would cost you a lot of money.

But recently, more and more tools for making all kind of graphic designs are available online.

And the best thing is you don’t event need to download any kind of software, you just use it in your browser and download the final design.

Probably the most popular Instagram tool for graphic design among freelancers (and companies too!) is Canva.

It’s literaly so easy to use, you won’t believe it.

With Canva, you can select what kind of graphic you want to make.

You can create graphic for tons of social media channels, website cover photos, email headers, banners, presentations, logos, infographics and much more

If you wand to create an Instagram post, just type it into the search bar and it will take you to their collections of different templates you can use.

There you can search by theme, for example love Instagram posts, food Instagram posts, sale Instagram posts and so on.

They even create templates for all kind of holidays or world days, for example they made special templates during Coronavirus outbreak, Earth Day templates, etc.

If you don’t find any of these tempaltes usable (which I doubt, becase they have enormous library), you can still start from the scratch.

In the sidebar on the left you can choose from their library of different photos, elements, texts, music, videos and backgrounds.

Additionally, you can upload your photos you want to use in your design.

Canva is available for free for all freelancers that want just basic Instagram tools for making designs.

If you want too access additional features like more templates, premium stock photos, videos and infographics and much more, Canva offers paid plans from $9.95 on.

Click here to try Canva for free.


Best Instagram Tools For Business_Later - social media scheduling tool

Once you have your designs ready and you found the right hashtags for your post(s) it’s time to publish.

This can get pretty frustrating if you post one or more times a day and you need to post manually.

Imagine times you could save by scheduling posts, just as you can do it on Facebook.

Good news, there’s a plenty of tools out there which you can schedule your future posts with.

My ultimate favourite (and the one we also use at beglobal agency) is Later.

Later is not just Instagram tool, it also enables you to schedule posts for Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

All you need to do is connect your social media profile with Later and you can start scheduling.

The best thig is you can preview your Instagram grid before you publish your posts so you make sure it looks good.

When scheduling your post, Later also suggest you hashtags (if you are a pro user).

You can save captions to use it for future posts and even add your first comments, which is normally used for hashtags.

Later also offers story scheduling for pro users, which can save you some additional time.

Click here to get free trial and 10 posts on Later.


There are plently of Instagram tools our there that can help you save some time and drastically increase your followers and Instagram growth.

These are just my top 3 I use with my profiles.

If you found any great tools that work great with growing on Instagram, let me know in the comments and I’ll make sure to test them and write a review.

Written by Aljaz Peklaj


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